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Reflection for Season of Lent 

A feel-good film of the 90s was Groundhog Day – about a selfish man who lived the same day over and over again until he got things right. In the process came a transformation from selfishness to love. But life isn’t like that – we don’t have an action replay each day to help us correct our mistakes. Every moment is unique and unrepeatable.

Another film from about the same era was called My Life. It was the story of a man diagnosed with a terminal illness. His wife was expecting their first baby, but he was going to die before the baby was born, so he set about keeping a video diary that could be left for the child who would grow up with some picture of the dad he or she never knew. It was a great idea, but the reality turned out rather differently. As he viewed the diary, he became aware of all sorts of shortcomings – resentments, long-standing feuds, unresolved business, broken relationships. Naturally, he didn’t like what he saw, but it was cathartic. By facing those things, he was able to deal with the problems and die at peace with himself and others. This was Groundhog Day rooted in reality.

Lent is a time for resolving to do better. Self-denial, tough as it may be, is a way of slowly coming to terms with the fact that we don’t have to be enslaved to long-established practices. The extra chocolate bar isn’t essential. So, if we can be trusted to succeed in small things, then other, more central aspects of our living can also come good.

Lord, inflame our hearts with the Spirit of your love. That our thoughts may be worthy of you. And that we may love you without reserve in our brothers and sisters. Amen

 Rev. Sandra Marsh